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Liz and Zee had a beautiful morning wedding surrounded by their loved ones. A sand unity ceremony added that extra special touch. And of course we had to acknowledge the fur babies back home LOL! I had the best time Officiating their ceremony. Congrats to my Sept. 8th lovebirds!
Thanks to Paul and Brian, I Officiated my VERY FIRST wedding on a boat! Wow! What a great experience. With just a few friends on board, this was an intimate wedding perfectly timed during the setting of our beautiful Destin sun. The guys made me feel so at home, with snacks and drinks and lots of laughs. Oh and wedding cake too! Sand Hippie Photography was spot on with all the perfect photos. 
I Officiated the wedding ceremony of Jennifer and Karen at the beautiful Henderson Beach State Park. I love the pink and black color combo!! With about 50 guests in attendance, it was a loving and fun event. Everyone was so excited for these sweet women, and of course excited to be on our beautiful Destin beach! Lovely bridal party photo courtesy of Capture Destiny Photos.
Julie has always been Susan’s rock, her soul mate and partner in crime. Julie's life was made complete the day Susan agreed to be her life partner. There has never been a dull moment in their relationship. On New Year's Eve 2016 they began another "adventure" - with love, honesty, and respect.

I Officiated this beautiful Destin wedding ceremony at a private residence with the closest of family and friends in attendance. Vera Hogenson Photography did a wonderful job in capturing so many lovely moments on this picturesque winter afternoon.
After 26 years of being together, Don and Henry FINALLY made it legal! What a beautiful, intimate Watercolor wedding ceremony it was. I Officiated their ceremony on the balcony of their rental home; a peek of the Gulf amid the forest made for the most spectacular backdrop. Their closest friends joined in for the celebration, everyone dressed so eloquently. A champagne toast followed before heading off to dinner. Don and Henry complete each other and are better people because of one another. It was a true pleasure for me to be part of their day. 
I Officiated the wedding ceremony of Stephen and Kenneth during a beautiful October morning at Grayton Beach State Park. After having been in each other's lives for 27 years, they were more than ready to tie the knot! Their mothers joined in this joyous celebration; what sweet ladies! Sand Hippie Photography captured the love perfectly. I wish Stephen and Kenneth a lifetime of love and happiness!
I Officiated the wedding ceremony of Karen and Linda on a warm September morning in Fort Walton Beach. Wow! Lots of love going on here...two sweet ladies who committed their love for each other in Hawaii in 2001, and chose ME to make it legal for them now. I incorporated a Sand Unity Ceremony, a Blessing and a few other of my "touches of love"! A bright light ceremony captured perfectly and professionally by Mari Darr-Welch Photography

Charlie and Shawn enjoy sunsets and deep conversation. For the first time in their lives, they are not lonely. They are embracing a second chance at happiness as they start a whole new second life.

They arrived by boat and walked down the aisle to Bette Midler's "Chapel of Love". Great processional song!

I Officiated their Destin beach wedding with family and friends witnessing their vows and ring exchange. A glorious sunset followed.
Jeremy and Isidro wanted a little privacy so I Officiated their Same-Sex Sandestin Wedding Ceremony on the deck of their high rise condo. WOW! What a view! They created their own vows and my words brought out some unexpected emotions...hence, tears of joy and love! ~ "Marie, you were perfect! Thank you so much for sharing this special moment with us."

What better way to start off a beautiful day in Destin than to elope on the balcony of your condo! That's what Regina and Anita did on a glorious August morning. I Officiated their ceremony, bringing in a Blessing and a Sand Unity Ceremony. Intimate, private and PERFECT!

Triba & Lisa were so excited for me to marry them! We chatted and laughed the whole walk from the house to the beach. But when it came time for the ceremony, they got serious. I brought out emotions, tears and their genuine feelings for each other.  “Marie, thank you! It was a very special, beautiful service. We will never forget you!!” 

Ferris is so thankful she had the courage to approach Alisha when she did. Her prayers were answered.  She knows marriage will not change the relationship, just solidify what they already have. 

Alisha feels they were brought together for a purpose beyond their control. They lean on each other, they are a team. She falls in love with Ferriss over and over again. 

I Officiated their July wedding ceremony with their loved ones in attendance. These girls were so sweet, they made me feel so special. And, they gave me a 5.0 Wedding Wire review! Make sure to check it out!

Peg and Paula started out as friends, spending time getting to know each other, which strengthened them as partners. I tied their love knot during a warm June afternoon. A Ring Warming Ceremony really added a nice touch to this same-sex Miramar Beach wedding ceremony!  

Molly fell in love with Stephanie's child-like heart and Stephanie made it easy for Molly to be in a loving relationship. They share a bond that has helped them get through all kinds of challenges and made them stronger. They appreciate the love and support of their family and friends, and were thrilled to be legally married in front of all of them! I Officiated their Blue Mountain Beach Florida same-sex wedding ceremony, which included a Blessing and extra personalization. These girls are just as nice as they are pretty! 

What can I say about Coty and Mike...from the moment I met with them to begin discussions on their ceremony, they had my heart. Fun, loving, and a bit crazy! I just KNEW their's was going to be a GREAT wedding!  

They were thrilled to be able to be legally married, after all their years of being in a relationship. The support and love of family and friends was evident by the very special group of people who joined in to witness their vows.

Taking my advice on hiring professional vendors, Coty and Mike had a beautiful beach set-up, delicious catered food, and a fantabulous wedding cake. 

Chuck Lawson Wedding and Event Music provided romantic beach music on his Caribbean Steel Drums for the ceremony then had a full party going on at the reception. And, as you can see, all of this was perfectly captured by Jon Hauge Photography.

Oh yeah...we had mermaids, too!

I Officiated Coty's and Mike's Inlet Beach Wedding Ceremony on June 19th - and loved every minute of it! 
I Officiated Maiika and Ashley's Navarre Beach LGBT Wedding Ceremony on a beautiful warm May evening. A Scripture reading, their own created vows and lots of laughs made this wedding very intimate and special. These girls were so much fun to be with! I wish them many loving years together. 

Photos: Capture Destiny Photos

Kim & Malissia enjoy each other and their companionship. Impromptu getaways and spending time with friends is important to them. They know that marriage will only strengthen their already firm foundation, and they aspire to not need anymore than what they already have to remain as happy as they are. Congratulations to these two sweet women who had a beautiful Crystal Beach, Destin Wedding in October! It was my pleasure to Officiate their ceremony.

Photo: Capture Destiny Photos

Gene and Ty have a passion for this beautiful place I call "Paradise". Years of memories and experiences while here on vacation made Seagrove Beach the perfect setting for their long awaited unity. Live orchid leis flown in from Hawaii were the perfect touch to this intimate wedding with loving friends and of course Coco their poodle! 
Congrats to my Oct. 14th couple!

I Officiated Erin & Laura's Commitment Ceremony on 09.28.13 on the beach of Rosemary Beach. It was a lovely ceremony, shared with their closest family and friends. 

                    So......     (see below)
...when they asked me to Officiate their Rosemary Beach Wedding Ceremony on 9.28.15, I was honored! I pronounced them legally married in the company of the same group of folks who were there in 2013! Everyone was "casual" this year, and the rain dictated an inside ceremony. Erin & Laura are more in love than they've ever been! 

I really enjoyed being part of their special day...twice.

I Officiated this Destin Same-Sex Wedding Ceremony of Heather 
and Kendra on Holiday Isle. 
A Shell Toss ceremony made it extra fun! Sweet girls~I wish them years of happiness and LOVE!

On Aug. 28th Kim and Candace said “I Do” during a loving and romantic Destin same-sex wedding ceremony. Acknowledgement of their daughters and Candace’s mom, a sand unity ceremony and a family blessing made this wedding very intimate and memorable for all.  


Photo: Capture Destiny Photos

Aug. 8th: Sometimes the beach comes inside! Scott and James had a fun and loving beachy, tropical wedding inside with their son and daughter-in-law present. They wrote their own vows and participated in a meaningful Sand Unity Ceremony. Their 5.0 Wedding Wire Rating and Review is much appreciated!
July 22: Billy and David said "I Do" during an intimate Destin same-sex wedding ceremony. I really enjoyed helping them make their dream wedding come true! 
June 5th: Renee and Tara exchanged vows witnessed by family and friends during a beautiful Henderson Beach sunset ceremony. 
These girls were so much fun! Laid back and just so happy to be MARRIED!! Glad I was the one to make it happen!

May 10th: Theresa and Shamone waited a long time for this day. I Officiated their Destin same-sex Marriage as the sun was just going down. Love the colors of the sky - I truly believe it was meant all for them!  
April 17th: The rain and wind did not dampen the celebration of Jennifer and Kenia's wedding. Joined by family and friends, we celebrated their union with a meaningful sand unity ceremony and acknowledgement of parents.

March 7th: Congrats to Esther and Suzanne! I Officiated my first Same-Sex Wedding Ceremony in Blue Mountain Beach for this lovely couple. Very romantic, and a beautiful Hand Blessing made it extra intimate.
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